"Where there is no vision the people perish." - Pr.29:18

"Where there is no vision the people perish." - Pr.29:18

God has given us a vision to reach many more people with His love.

TOGETHER, we will lovingly guide these new friends into an ever growing relationship with Jesus Christ! Because God loves people, oue vision embraces people while empowering us to fulfill our God-given destiny.

Accomplishing God's Plan

"Enlarging for More to Belong" is more than a building expansion campaign; it is truly a Spiritual Campaign with practical goals that will bless us all.

In this Three year Spiritual Journey our goals are three-fold:

  • That each BCF member would grow in faith to become more like Jesus!
  • That we would add 200 new friends to our BCF family in the next three years!
  • That we would receive financial gifts that allows us to expand our facility to better serve our community!

Bramalea Christian Fellowship's Spiritual Campaign is designed so that 75% of the congregation will have the opportunity to actively participate by serving on one of the various teams.

Below is the list of the needed teams and team directors. A brief description of the various functions can be seen in Week 1 Campaign Newsletter

  • Lead Pastors - Randy & Jill Neilson
  • Campaign Director - Patrick Reid
  • Ministry Emphasis - Jason Persaud
  • Prayer Emphasis - Maria Myers
  • Promotions - Kerri Persaud
  • Campaign Secretary - Sharm Sowa
  • All Church Banquet
    - Rohan & Janice Harrison
  • Host-Hostess - Ray & Joan Lewis
  • Advance Commitments
    - Richard & Suzanne Nurse
  • Follow-up Director - Juditha Nurse


Our Stewardship Campaign, "Enlarging for More to Belong", is part of our spiritual journey with Jesus. Through this focus, God will increase our ability to effectively minister to more people, to better serve our families and to reach out further with His love. Thank you for being part of God's plan!

The financial focus for this stewardship campaign is expand our current facility to include a new 700 seat sanctuary/multi-purpose facility that will meet our current needs and position us for future growth.
Pastors Randy & Jill Neilson.

The campaign is a vital step in providing our church with a much needed building expansion. It will allow us to create and enhance a variety of ministries to further develop spiritual maturity, establish new opportunities for outreach to the community and devote more of our time and energy to the ministries for which God has gifted us.
Campaign Director - Pastor Patrick Reid.
Building Expansion will consist of 3 phases
Phase 1 = $2.5M to meet our immediate need for a larger sanctuary & multi-purpose space
Phase 2 = $1.5M to enlarge our ministry and office space, including a second floor above our existing building
Phase 3 = $1.0M to create a large foyer area whivh can serve as a gathering space for fellowship.